Hercules van Loon
It was in March 1700 that Stellenbosch got its first permanent pastor. He lived in the "Kolonieshuis", the oldest house in town, on the corner of Dorp and Ryneveld Streets - which thus became the first parsonage in Stellenbosch. Some speculate that his wife was not the perfect minister's wife and that she strayed from her marriage vows at times. He was allotted a farm near Klapmuts shortly after his arrival and it was on his way from this farm back to the village that Valentyn wrote, "he met his death most pitiably" on June 26th, 1704. Kolbe provides more particulars of Van Loon's tragic death, reporting that he committed suicide by "cutting his own throat with his pocket knife and that no one had yet discovered the cause of his profound despair". We can only guess and speculate about that causeā€¦

Copied freely from Stellenbosch Three Centuries and various websites.

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