Sybrand Mankadan
His father Jacobus, is considered one of the most important Friesian landscape painters of the Dutch Golden Age. He served as a government official from a young age and lived in Franeker where he served as mayor.

Sybrand studied theology but was not known for his piety. His love for drinking was only surpassed by his love for women. He had three marriages in Holland. We read that he was expelled from the ministry by a provincial synod in Friesland for "een langen treijn van menigvuldige dronkenschappen en andere grove misdrijven..." a long train of drunkenness and gross misdemeanors.

When Sybrand, appointed as a sick-comforter, took up his teaching duties in 1683 he soon provoked great annoyance and dissatisfaction among more sedate Stellenbosch burghers with his improper conduct of "a debauched and irregular lifestyle", so much so that some parents refused to have their children taught by him.

The nature of his "other gross misdemeanors" in Friesland was to become apparent early in the next year: to the horror of the burghers, Maria Catharina van Swaanswijk, an orphan from Holland, moved in with him without the blessing of the church. Landdrost Mulder laid a complaint with Commander Simon van der Stel, with the result that they had to appear at the castle. They were summarily joined in civil wedlock by De Grevenbroek, the Secretary. Later he had a child with one of the slaves.

In the early days as the only graduate in Stellenbosch he was furthermore appointed as Secretary to the Council of Landdrost and Heemraden in 1686. He was a capable teacher and the question about him was more about his not so private life.

His wife Maria married again soon after his death in August 1695.

Copied from: Stellenbosch Three Centuries and The First Fifty Years Project

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